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Gods & Minions - Getting ready to rollout

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A few might already have noticed that i started working on a brand new game. This will be my first try to create an all professional product from start to finish (just have a look at my game journal if you want to know more).

Gods & Minions is a traditional, light wargame taking place in a dark fantasy world. It follows the classic road of fantasy wargames and still incorporates many elements that make the game unique and enjoyable. Typical for the genre, the players are generals - commanding mighty fantasy armies into battle to decide the ultimate winner.

The two main aspects of the game are that 1.) I am using special custom dice to represent the troops used in this game and that 2.) there are many, many boardgame mechanics instead of rules-heavy wargame mechanics in this game.

As I am designing and creating the project on my own (with the help of a few artists, testers and advisors here and there), its an enormous task that takes its time. So i decided to rollout this project step-by-step instead of a single big release. Similar to collectible boardgames and trading card games, new game components and mechanics will be added one by one.

In fact, I am going one step further and release the background story, as well as the rules for this game also on a step-by-step basis. This allows me to take my time without having to hide the development until it is finished. I plan to release the complete framework for Gods & Minions within this year, while a first test production run could start next year (hopefully supported by a kickstarter campaign). Also, i plan to build a community while releasing snippet by snippet - using social media, boards and my website to slowly attract people who are interested in the project.

So, if you want to follow - check out Gods & Minions here:

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