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Gods & Minions Project Resurrection

Gods & Minions - Card based dark fantasy warfare

Okay, its been a long time since an update regarding my "Gods & Minions" project was posted here.


We remember: Gods & Minions was planned to be a dice based wargame of fantasy warfare. About half a year ago, together with some friends - I got the core rules and artworks done, and prototype dice where created (via QWorkshop). Then we realized how difficult it is to create a expandable dice game nowadays. Production cost, lack of artistic freedom and several issues with the (mostly luck based) gameplay forced us to shut the project down. And with it, quite some money went down the sink...

Read the full story here:


Despite our failure, almost half a year later, we have returned and the passion for this project is stronger than ever before. Game components where changed from dice to typical playing cards. The gameplay was adjusted, but all the typical features remained. We tested the rules, started building a core set. The art and background world underwent a complete overhaul and a very talented and relieable artist joined us. So we set up a twitter account, a facebook page, finally a true homepage and began to re-write the background story as well as the games rules. And here we are now: Despite the core armies are still work in progress, both the Rulebook and the Worldbook have been released as freely available PDF documents. Grab them here:


We now continue working on the base set. Its a epic task for a tiny little development studio consisting of five regular members and a few mentors from all over the web. And this is, where we need your help: We dont want your money, we dont want to sell you anything - in fact, we will release the whole project for free (PDF download as well). You only have to pay if you want to own a physical copy of the cards later on. This is more than just a game - to us, its more like an art project.

Give us a "heads up!", thats all what we ask for. As we cannot present you a fully finished game at the moment but show you dedication exercised in style. If you like card based, fantasy war-games - feel free to join us either on twitter or facebook. Last but not least: Visit our project homepage and download as much free content as you can!

Sincerely yours
-Tobias (aka "Fhizban" - Gods & Minions Project Lead)


Welcome to Gods & Minions – the customizable card game of fantasy warfare

First of all: Gods & Minions is a card based tactical wargame, so one game represents one battle. You and your opponent each represent generals who command their troops. The troops are displayed using cards. Compared to a full wargame (like Warhammer), Gods & Minions is much lighter on the rules and compared to a customizable card game (like Legend of the five Rings), Gods & Minions focus is 100% on the battles (instead of kingdom building, diplomacy or intrigue).

Join the godswar in this action loaded, customizable and expandable card game. Assemble your army from a huge variety of nations and factions available. Collect and play gods, minions, enhance your troops with artefacts & equipment and unleash powerful spells, command mighty beasts, towering war-machines and unique personalities. Fight for dominance over a fantasy world broken by age old war of nations. Be part of a universe where almighty gods are pulling the strings behind from the scenes and decide between life and death as they see fit. Be prepared when this brand new fantasy wargame hits the shelves!

Please be patient, as we are still getting ready for take-off. Meanwhile, use the navigation to the right to get a first impression of the games background world and core-rules. Artworks and templates will be released soon – we hope you check back later!

Unique Features:

* Full-fledged and affordable tabletop wargaming system without expensive miniatures
* Manaless resource system without staple cards that clutter your deck
* No artificial rarities – you get exactly the cards and amount of copies you want
* Lightweight wargame rules prevent slow gameplay without being over simplified
* Unique rules core that does not lend its main mechanics from the big CCG ancestors
* All rules and cards available for download. for free. always.
* You pay only if you want a printed copy or app of your own.
* No dice: Gods & Minions does not require any additonal component or luck factor!
* No Grid & No Rulers: An innovative movement system renders rulers obsolete.
* No shallow story: Dive into a background world full of history and folklore.

Welcome to the end times – welcome to the world of Gods & Minions!

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