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Gods & Minions Project Update 1st Quarter 2014

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Respected fans, friends, Gods and Minions!

It’s about time to reflect the recent changes and additions to the Gods & Minions project in a little, quarterly newsflash. First things first: We are still knee-deep in development and we decided not to name a release date yet. As G&M evolves it becomes more and more clear how epic the task is – so we agreed on the slogan: It’s done when it’s done! This being said, I have a bunch of pictures and information for you to share:

* Core Rules Version 3 (Codename: Gold)
Let’s start with the rather boring stuff: The Rules. As I finally got help from a talented designer (more on him later), we took the chance to revise the rules again. Yep, you have read right – we are re-writing the rules a third time. I cannot believe that in the past three years that I have been involved in the project the rules changed three times already!

Well, over here in lousy old europe there is a saying: “All good things are three”. I don’t want to bother you with the details here, just so much: The final rules are innovative, balanced, much closer to a real wargame and outright COOL. Here are some hard facts together with two pictures that show a new concept and table layout.

#The triangle combat system stays as it was: Attack vs. Defense vs. Initative
#There is no more “Magic:The Gathering” like mana system anymore
#There are not permanent “mana cards” that require “tapping” anymore
#There now is a pseudo-board separated into two zones: The Front Row and the Support Row
#There is now an abstract representation of Range plus various types of Ranged Combat
#The attack/block procedure was altered as well and breaks away from the old attacker/blocker schemata by using the Front Row as well as the Support Row
#Besides Minions there are now also Relics (Magic-Items), Domains (Terrain) as well as Powers (Spells)
#While Minions are aligned to a Tribe, other card types are aligned to a Element
#Players can now mix Tribes and Elements in their decks and are encouraged to do so

[Table Layout & Range Diagram]

* Welcome on board: JJ Rhodus!
I finally managed to invite another designer to the team: JJ Rhodus from the USA proved himself worthy and will support me with rules design, balancing and creation of the core set. We already got a big chunk of work done and are full of ideas for the future. After a series of wannabe designers and airheads – JJ is by far the most helpful addition to the project in that department. We will hear more from JJ and his work soon, for example his thoughts about interweaving tribes with elements to create a whole new look on things.

[Mongrelfolk Sketches]

* Welcome on board: Widodo, Jesus & Darko!
The artist deparment also got reinforcements, in the past most of the images have been created by the talented Evgeni Maloshenkov with a little support by Enggar Adirasa. But time showed that this project is far too big for a single artist, so it was decided to look for more. A few days ago I contacted several artists via Deviant Art and received a legion of replies in return. While I am still sorting out the eMails and judging the skills (and prices) of various artists we already got three new skilled creatives to work on the project: Widodo Pangarso (from Indonesia) will work on a aquatic tribe to be revealed in the future, while Jesus (from Mexiko) is gonna work on a shadowy elvish race and finally Darko (hailing from Serbia) started painting the Mongrels. I am especially happy to have Darko on board, despite the fact that he lives in Serbia – which makes transactions difficult as almost all banks deny money transfer to that country. Im very happy how the team is coming together now and I am even more excited to work with a totally international troupe of artists from all around the globe!

[Cerulean Warrior Sketch]

* The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Last but not least some minor updates about what happened at 1manstudio in the past month’s:

# The new 1manstudio website is online (
# We now have a dev board for internal communication (
# Gods & Minions got a new website back in January (
# Gods & Minions finally got a professional logo
# Descriptions for various Tribes have been finished
# First Gamecrafter test prints ordered and received to check quality
# Several new Khor (Dwarf), Faylon (Elf) and Nightling (Goblin) artworks finished
# We decided to completely remove the term CCG from the project, as G&M is NOT a CCG or TCG. These terms have a bitter aftertaste so we agreed to call it just a “card game”.

Sadly I had to dump a whole bunch of prepared blog articles because of the recent rules change. *sigh* I don’t mind doing some extra work, but I promise to you my dear readers (as well as to myself) that this was the last rules change in the history of the game. At least we can say now that we really looked deep into the rules and did our best to select the most suitable rules set for a project like this. Thats all the latest news from our headquarters, as mentioned above we are still knee-deep in development. But, this project is definitely going somewhere!

[G&M Battlefield Mockup]

Regards & Invocations
-Tobias (Fhizban)


Interesting, if you have the

Interesting, if you have the rules, send them by e-mail.

Your range system works like my wizardry legacy video game.


hey eric,
yes - you are the top priority person on my list to receive the rules once finished.

You have chewed through so many iterations of G&M rules already, I am really excited to hear what you have to say about the final one.

I contact you via mail once everything is ready.

-T(h)obias (Fhizban)

In my wizardry legacy video

In my wizardry legacy video games, you could also have group attacks.

Instead of attacking a group of monsters like in the original video game, some area attacks will target all monster in one row only. Very strong spells can attack all rows.

Not sure if applicable to your game.

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