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Gods & Minions Updates

hey guys,
It's Tobias (Fhizban) again, with some BGDF exclusive information about Gods & Minions. As always: Please keep in mind that I am not native english speaking and that we are working on the project in our spare time (we are not a fully commercial game company).

We just updated our rulebook (you can download it for free from our website), by removing several typos and errors, as well as streamlining the rules even a bit more.

Work has begun on the printed rulebook as well. Actually, the term rules-booklet fits much better, as it is just 20 pages and easier to learn than ever. The printed rules-booklet will be in full color and features a fancier layout. We are using the Gamecrafters Mini-Booklets, so the rules will be in a 2,5 by 3,5 format. Small, but beautiful.

Yep, we are in the progress of setting up a cafepress store to sell some merchandise for Gods & Minions. There will be posters, stickers, coffee mugs and mouse pads. But we are sill working on this. Prices will be as mild as possible (we won't earn anything through this). For us its just another way to make our fans happy and to produce some on-demand accessories for Gods & Minions that would not be possible otherways.

A few days ago, we received the first test prints from our current manufacturer, the Gamecrafter. the quality is very good and besides some minor issues, we consider the cards to be finished and polished.

This is currently our biggest task. We are playtesting the game over and over again. Correcting card costs, ability wordings and card attributes constantly during the process. This requires lot of time and occupies a big slot in our schedule, because we want to get everything right before finally releasing the game. The main reason are - of course, our future players. But there is another: As Gods & Minions is based on the subsequent release of new tribes (alongside with their units, magic items, spells, terrains and so on). We are forced to setup a "balance of power" that guarantees that no tribe is stronger than another. When we get this one right in the core set, it will make our job much easier in the future. Once the base is done correctly right from the start, development time of future expansions can be reduced by a significant amount.

I have some insider information for you to share: We are already working on some extras for a possible future expansion of Gods & Minions. One of the extras is a detailled Map of the background world, together with a complete background world description. This might not be too interesting for the average player, but we enjoy working on this topic a lot. And of course it allows us to add new and interesting stuff to the game, while maintaining a holistic and well design background world.

Finally, the big extra is the first expansion for Gods & Minions. We started working on it a while ago, even before the core set is finished. This expansion will add a few new concepts to the game, in order to expand the design-space and tactical possibilities. And of course, new tribes will be added to the available selection. This is all i can share with you ATM. Well, maybe one more. The name of this expansion will be "Templars & Crusaders" and players will follow the plot into a fought over desert continent.

thats all for now, directly from our headquarters over here in old europe

thanks for being with us!


Glad to see things moving

Glad to see things moving along and that you fixed some of the things I posted about the pdf rulebook. There´s still a lot to fix so give me a shout if you need more help!

Can´t wait to see the first decks.

Thanks Guido! And thank you

Thanks Guido!
And thank you for your help so far, I guess there is more work in the "text department" so I might hand you another version of the rules sooner or later.

Regarding decks, I just sent you a message on facebook!

-Fhizban (Tobias)

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