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Gods & Minions Website relaunched!

The new Gods & Minions website

Respected Minions,
After a long wait, we are finally back: The Gods & Minions website has just been re-opened and shines in all it's glory. We have a lot of content in store four our loyal fans - get ready for an exciting year 2014!


Your icons

I *love* the icons you used for your cards (and on the main page of your website).

May I ask who did them?

They really look good!

Im glad you like them! The

Im glad you like them!

The icons (as well as all other pieces of artwork in this game) are done by Evgeni Maloshenkov, my main artist for this project.

He is also responsible for the character design: anatomy of the creatures, weapon and armor design, as well as insignia, emblems and all the other tiny bits.

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