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Going Back to Move Ahead

Like many of us the completion of my game designs is always under siege by new ones that want nothing more than my attention. Having a limited amount of time it is always a struggle to explore these new ideas and keep current projects alive.

After several years I have been able to strike a balance so that I have many games in various states of development from the intriguing concept to ready for submission and all states in-between. In fact I have gotten quite a few games to the submission ready stage and off to publishers. Most have been turned down so far, some by multiple publishers which can be doubly discouraging but not discouraging enough for me.

While my current submission is waiting to be appraised I have decided to spend my time reviewing three card games that I feel still have promise and find homes for them.

The orphan games are listed in the order of priority.

Die Racing - (Turned down by 3 publishers) 2-6 player race themed card game.
Buka and Back - (Turned down by 1 publisher) 2-4 player card drafting & melding game
Pole Vault - (Turned down by 2 publishers) 2-4 player push you luck game.

Each one of these will get the same treatment all my games do before submission which is a rules review and re-write. Die racing is an old favorite and there were significant changes made for the last submission. I will be reverting to an earlier version that I feel has the most interesting game play. Pole Vault too was altered to match a publisher’s audience. I’ll be revising it back to somewhere between the last two versions since I saw improvements in some aspects and losses in others. I should be able to integrate the two so that I’m getting the best elements of both.

The hardest part is going to be finding a publisher to look at them that hasn’t already seen them.

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