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Headhunter Campaign and Game Update

For those interested in our game Headhunter and the progression of our project:

We recently promoted our first product, Headhunter, through a Kickstarter campaign. Here’s an update on its status, plus some exciting news!

First, Headhunter will not fund on Kickstarter. We abandoned early on our pursuit of this because soon after our launch, we were contacted by a private investor who is now funding our base project. So, we have canceled our campaign.

Instead, we will relaunch soon a different campaign with a new goal in mind, which is to fulfill all rewards to our supporters from the first campaign that we no longer needed and to make suggested enhancements to Headhunter. After listening to various sources, including our backers, we will add additional cards and design, and increased rewards. The additional funds gathered from the follow-up campaign will be used for these purposes.

Therefore, we need your help! Since your feedback is invaluable to us, please complete the enclosed short survey. Also be sure to list your e-mail address at the end of the survey so that you can receive notification of when our new campaign for Headhunter begins. At that time, we will invite you to receive the enhanced Headhunter game!

Thank you!

Legends of Ravenhall


Link to the kickstrter page/good luck

Here is the link to the old kick starter page:

(some of the question pertain to the current state of the project and I assume this is the current state)

good luck with your game.

Thanks Fri! I forgot to add

Thanks Fri!

I forgot to add the link. You are correct in your assumptions.



Headhunter Card Poll

We have been working on newer card designs. Here is a series of polls if you would like to look them over. Thanks!


Also gave me the opportunity to see the new BGG. Read about it. Formed an opinion. Next subject...

Good luck with the redesign. Never surrender.


Yeah, I know! I hadn't checked up on it in a while, and when I got on the other day I was like whaaa? Oh yeah, that's right. Oh well...Thanks! :)


Campaign is Live!

Our Campaign is live! We would appreciate it if you would check it out!

Thanks! :)


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