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Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from history is LIVE!

Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from history 2nd Ed. is live on Kickstarter! We would appreciate it if you would check it out!

Thanks! :)



Good luck! Don't forget to

Good luck!

Don't forget to post (another) Update in the old Headhunter project, since that'll get sent to all your old backers.

Good idea

Good Idea Jay,

I sent messages to all of them, but I should do an update so that they or anyone else who stumbles upon the page, gets a clear message.



1 Week In

After the first week, we are at 72% of our goal! We had a jump on day 1, of course, and a small jump on day 2. Our Next jump came this past weekend. Hopefully we can keep the momentum flowing :)



It's payday, so I was finally was able to drop my change in your bucket. :)

Best of success on your new campaign!


Thanks Left-Off! We really appreciate your support :) Hope you like the game!


2 Weeks In

We are 2 Weeks in and are at 86% of our goal. Thank you to everyone who has pledged support and that has spread the word thus far!



Any backer who pledges (or upgrades an existing pledge) to support Headhunter: Hilarious Hires from History (2nd Edition) from Friday, August 30 through Monday, September 1, will receive (in addition to the existing rewards):

>One new set of custom Ravenhall dice of your choice of color (red, blue, white, black)
>One extra Custom Character Card
>An immediate special shout-out of appreciation through all our online and social media outlets.

So please place (or ugrade) your pledge during this Labor Day Weekend to grab a few extra rewards! THANK YOU!

Legends of Ravenhall

Almost There

A dozen days, and you're $200 away. I reckon you'll have a successful campaign on your hands. The "sale" was well-timed, too. Did you pick up that strategy from another campaign, or is this more inspired by classic sales techniques?

In any case, please report back to let us know if the flash sale paid off for you. I'm sure future campaigners would love to hear of its effectiveness.

Almost There


I know, we are pretty excited. We are glad that we can really upgrade the game and make it nicer for the same price. We really just want to make a great game for people. :)

Regarding the sale, we weren't inspired by anyone or anything in particular, just a classic sales technique we were saving for the third weekend, but since it was labor day, we thought we would tie it in with that! Well, anyways, we did make a slight mistake, but of course that comes with learning as you go:

We had a number of backers that had a limited time free shipping selection, and we forgot about those in regards to the sale/upgrade. So, to not overlook this, we just posted a correction that allows for a $5 increase for their current pledge if they are a limited free shipping backer so that they don't lose their free shipping status.

Will gladly update you on how it goes! We are hoping that we can drum up some support before the final week :)



I just backed! $140 USD to go only...

Sorry it took a while... I just went over budget on my own WIP and was not sure if I should back or not. I'm happy with the end results... Just not at a happy place when it comes to finances.

Anyhow I wish you all the best of success.
I just rounded the dollar amount... So now only $140 USD to go...


Just Backed

Thanks Quest, I understand and appreciate it! We are closing in now, thanks! Hopefully things will pick up for you. :)


1 Week to Go

We are approaching our final week. After the weekend "special" we are at 91%. That is about $133 to go. Hope we can hit our goal before the upcoming weekend! It would be nice to hit is before the final 48. Thanks to everyone for helping so far!



1 Week Left for the Free Giveaway and only 1 Week Left for the Kickstarter (we only need $133 more to fund!). Don't forget to enter the giveaway while you still can!



We have funded! Thank you to everyone who helped get us this far! We still have 5 days left, maybe we can hit a stretch goal!


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