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Heroes & Treasure Component List

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This was asked in response to an earlier post.. This is from my KS page:

The game system consists of:

8-page color Quest Master's Rule Book
24-page Campaign booklet, with 10 dungeon levels.
11 Custom six-sided attack dice (in 7 designer colors)
12 Double-sided large map tiles for rooms and corridors
A deck of reference cards describing all the character classes and all the monsters in the campaign
Characters in 4 classes (male and female)
13 types of monster (with three difficulty levels each)
Dozens of additional tokens for doors, fountains, shields, keys, treasure chests, potions, spells, trap doors, and other things one finds lying around in caves.
40 plastic card stands
80 life counters

(subject to change a bit if needed)

Along with the attached pic (reduced size to fit on this site.. I'll post my draft KS page later..)

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