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Heroes & Treasure Kickstarter is LIVE

Very exciting.

If you'd like to see, it's at:

If you'd like to see it on BGG (and I could use your clicks..) it's at:

Thanks for any support, moral or otherwise!


Good Stuff!

I've already pledge my support...

Hoping you reach that 300 to 400 marker of KS backers!

Thanks! The hardest part will


The hardest part will be the stretch goals for BGG stuff.. my target audience probably doesn’t have accounts there.

Hmm... that's a good way to engage!

Perfect context to engage your KS backers... Ask QUESTIONS! See if people understand the BGG stretch goals... Do backers have questions?! Maybe provide custom links in the comments to facilitate...

Hold a poll asking how many backers are on BGG, etc...

Get into the KS experience, dig in... Start a dialog with backers.

Don't be boring and just sit there and wait and see... Engage. Pinpoint one backer who doesn't have a BGG account and walk him through the process of GETTING an account... It's simple.

Shake it up! Cheers.

Can I run a poll through the

Can I run a poll through the website? Or just asking for text responses?

Use Google Forms

Here is the link:

There is even a Games/Cards Template (2 I believe)... And just POST the URL link to the FORM...

You can also ask for text responses...

But IF you do this, create AN UPDATE and then have people COMMENT on the UPDATE instead of polluting the main comment link will some people asking questions or commenting, versus people who may need HELP with creating a BGG account, how to become a FAN of the game, etc...

If you have trouble with Google Forms, let me know... I've used it for my Facebook page a while back too... So I have "some" experience using it. It's pretty straight forward too!



Over halfway now. Starting to feel good about things :) and only like a half dozen of the buyers are people I know..

You can also use BGG message for a POLL!

I forgot ... You can use a BGG message for a POLL too! Might be even EASIER than using Google Forms.

All you do is create a Message Thread in your games "General Forum" and in the message itself choose the POLL option and it will display you the information such as the Question and the Poll options too.

It's pretty easy to do too... And since you already have your KS Backers as BGG members, you just provide another link and mostly EVERYONE (those on BGG) will know how to answer your poll...

Just one word of advice... Don't answer the POLL "youself". This allows you to see the question AND view the POLLs responses.


$10k in 7 days (Week #1)

Just figured I'd share this next update concerning the KS... $10k in 7 days (Week #1)... FANTASTIC.

Although things have slowed down... You're still on the bubble and hoping to get about $300 per day for the next 25 days (total = $7,500 USD). Which would leave about $500 in the last 72 hours of the campaign.

Definitely room for some "Stretch Goals" too... Maybe 1 or 2 depending on how funding goes...

Good stuff!

Yeah, still moving forward,

Yeah, still moving forward, slowly. However, I'm optimistic enough to have my artist working on some things we'll need :) (like the box cover art)


150 pledges so far. Obviously a few of them are for like $1, but still.

Moving forward!


You've FUNDED!!! Congrats to you Jason... It started to slow down, just before that peak of activity which just gave you that last $1,500 of funds required for reaching your Funding Goal.

Great stuff! Maybe we may still see some viral effect thanks to Mr. Wheaton and his fantastic Tweet concerning "Heroes and Treasure"...

I'm glad you were able to pull it off... and five (5) more days to go... You may even get a stretch goal...


Thanks!We were going to get


We were going to get there (I think!) but it was coming down to the wire. Much better this way :)

I actually saw Me Wheaton ‘s pledge before I heard he’d tweeted about it.

Projections seemed realistic but...

Jay103 wrote:
...We were going to get there (I think!) but it was coming down to the wire. Much better this way :)

I had the impression that you were going to miss the Funding Goal by about $300+ dollars. I agree this way is much more interesting and it just lifts the weight that was over everyone's anticipation!

For the backers who wanted copies of the game, getting there but just missing the mark ... well... would have been disappointing. But you're right, there were counter-measures that you had planned in case you were narrowly reaching your goal. So you were prepared.

But this way is much more interesting and hopefully you can still get more backers in the last 5 days to reach one or two of your stretch goals...

Like I said, "Congratulations" ... You really knocked it out of the park.

And although with such a "niche" product, you had a good angle and a strategy that seemed to pay off. ErfWorld was nice to let you advertise your game on their website and get some EARLY eyes on the game.

Still going to watch what happens in the last 5 days ... and we'll see.

Congrats again!

Meeple Mountain Review is AWESOME!

It's great that you got that very positive Meeple Mountain Review... It might help people sway them into backing the game if they're on the "bubble" so to speak. It's a very honest and understandable review without any ... "criticism" by older more experienced gamers...

But it's a SYSTEM and so I expect it to EVOLVE with its players too. Add more elements to the game as people progress in the various scenarios/campaigns...

I'm pretty sure that's your plan (from what we've discussed in PMs) and it makes full sense to offer a "basic" game players can GROW from instead of trying to break everything in one single scenario/campaign.

Definitely needed a positive "ray of light" to be shed on the game... Since you have put a lot of thought and effort in making it a reality.


Well Done!

Congrats on your successful funding! :)

Thanks! Though I think


Though I think questccg is more excited than I am!

Of course, after I finish

Of course, after I finish this, I need to start on the first expansion pack :)

Maybe I can even work on that dice game that's in my head :)

Well to be real honest...

I like seeing of fellow BGDF member succeed. As we know @squinshee has decided to move from Board Game to Video Games (Unity). Most of the members are temporal and move to other things... I think only a few like Let-Off and X3M are long time members. Oh and Dr. Lew too... There are probably a few more... but no more than a half dozen or so.

So yes, I'm excited for a member to reach his Funding Goal and shamefully disappointed when they don't (sorry Raymond, @Evil ColSanders — Dungeon Brawl fame).

But there are alternatives even to a failed KS:

  • They can try POD by simplifying their components.
  • They can look for a smaller publisher.
  • They can work on this game's brand and try to KS again.

Therefore a failed KS is not the "end of the world". What you make of it and thus how you continue to see if your game is worthy of publishing, is what is truly important.

Just some food for thought.

Fundamentally it's about EXPOSURE!

I think in terms of modern day games, having a BIG "hit" is the way to go and then hope that the success can help drive other "Board or Card Game" initiatives. That's the approach my publisher "Outer Limit Games" has used with "TradeWorlds". Not only was the pricing ridiculously inexpensive, the rewards, stretch goals and social goals ultimately made for a more "beefy" game rather than just having a "core".

Because of Kickstarter, we now bundle FREE to all customers the "Roles Compendium" expansion which features additional scenarios and of course the Premium Role Cards which are used to vary the turn-order.

Prior to the KS, we had thought about selling this "expansion" separately but because of the KS and its success... We've since then have included the expansion. And this of course adds MORE replayability too!

So you want to put out a PRODUCT and establish a BRAND... But you also want to make sure you are delivering excellent value. Is your game a good deal? Is it have enough content to make it very re-playable?? Are you planning something new to ADD to the game in the future, if FANS want it???

And always you try to deliver excellent value too!

Personally, I plan to create

Personally, I plan to create expansion content over the summer/fall this year, after the base set is in manufacturing.

If it so happens that Heroes & Treasure remains popular (which it may, due to the possibility of Dice Tower review, BGG exposure, maybe Wil Wheaton plays it and loves it, etc.), then as I sell off the rest of my print run, I'll be ready to supplement with an expansion pack as a bundle or whatever, or to Kickstart the expansion and maybe sell some additional base games with it.

It was awesome to get a

It was awesome to get a glimpse of the game before the goal and see it succeed. Way to go!

BTW, I’m following suit in some things too, like with more campaign page polishing (which I take mostly to mean balancing text with images) and the FB page. I haven’t added any stretch goals based on FB sharing yet, but it’s in the plan. I may not have done much prelaunch promotion, but I’m still moving along

owengall wrote:It was awesome

owengall wrote:
It was awesome to get a glimpse of the game before the goal and see it succeed. Way to go!

BTW, I’m following suit in some things too, like with more campaign page polishing (which I take mostly to mean balancing text with images) and the FB page. I haven’t added any stretch goals based on FB sharing yet, but it’s in the plan. I may not have done much prelaunch promotion, but I’m still moving along

Best of luck!

You need a marketing plan, and starting with building Facebook followers EARLY is the cheapest way to do that, probably. But you need to be posting stuff on Facebook, and you probably need to Boost your posts (for small $$) to get some exposure. Pick a targeted demographic.

And by EARLY I mean right now, this weekend, no matter what your plans are for publishing.

Also, I planned to do this much cheaper originally, and I threw that out and paid artists for stuff I didn't intend to. Probably DIDN'T need the tile art, but it made the prototypes look very professional so.. maybe. But I have a real artist and we had most of the art done at launch, plus she did a few extras for the KS page. That was out of pocket..

Just another quick comment

Jay's goal was a bit aggressive. While he made it rather normally to $15,000 USD funding level, the last $3,000 USD came from a rather prominent and influential figure (Mr. Wil Wheaton) which gave him the boost he needed to finish "in style"!

So you should be aware that as a FIRST TIME creator, expect around 200 to 300 backers. That's been advice that has been accurate even in Jay's own campaign...

The next fact you should be aware of is to have a GOAL of $10,000 USD. That should be about 250 backers and a price point of about $40 USD. Something close to that ... It's not a science, just some estimation.

I would INVEST in a Graphic Designer to make the KS page look super nice. Although Jay's page was okay... I've seen better looking campaign pages with nicer banners and a bit more eye candy.

Have some GREAT artwork to present to backers. Make sure to SHARE with backers your RULEBOOK. Some people ignore all the "bling" and go strait to the rulebook to see how this game of yours is to be played. And based on that, they will decide if they will become a backer or not.

Also very important is the REVIEWS section of your KS page. You'll need THREE (3) reviews: one could be an written review (editorial), one could be a Playthru video and the last one could be KS preview... Try to get at least one of these from one of the KNOWN reviewers (like Undead Viking or Edo's Previews)... That will give your KS a sense of legitimacy.

Be engaging in your KS. Respond to backers and answer all their questions... Post updates when required and recommended (48 hours, 50%, 75%, 100%). Design some SOCIAL GOALS (Facebook likes, Sharing, Twitter re-tweets, BGG collections, BGG Fans, etc.) those help people get the word out to help in raising funds when the campaign slows in the middle...

This is just some broad advice... And I'm sharing it with you ... because at the moment you seem "unprepared" for the KS and what is required.

Yes build up your Facebook "community" but know that it's not the most influencing factor. Reviewers are a better source of conversion that FB. Because usually they get like 5,000 viewers to ONE (1) Video. And those are people INTERESTED in backing games on KS. Where as FB is more of a following of people who are just interested in knowing more about your game (not necessarily buying it).

I wanted it to be "quick" ... but there was a lot of things to mention.

Good luck with your KS effort and maybe you don't agree on all points, get back to me AFTER your campaign...


More on funding

questccg wrote:
Jay's goal was a bit aggressive. While he made it rather normally to $15,000 USD funding level, the last $3,000 USD came from a rather prominent and influential figure (Mr. Wil Wheaton) which gave him the boost he needed to finish "in style"!

Just a quick note, if your funding goal is LESS than $10,000 USD ... so be it... Plan for some Stretch Goals that can help boost you over that mark. It's just we see time and time again, first time creators selling 200 to 300 games ... when their inventories are 500 to 1,000 games.

500 is not too bad, it give you the chance of selling ONLINE through your portal page (or the one of your publisher)...

I wasn't implying that ALL KS should have a funding goal of $10,000. Some may ask for more like $12,000 and others may ask for less around $8,000, etc.

I just wanted to clarify why I said $40/250/$10,000 as a goal. Sort of a "sweet spot" and campaigns usually build around those numbers.

For the record, I was at

For the record, I was at $16,500 when he tweeted, with 6 days to go :)

Was probably making it, but would’ve squeezed by. 200 backers at that point. And that’s with a reasonable marketing plan and a budget over $1000 for it.

I should note that without the constant messaging of “please spread the word” in various forms, Mr. Wheaton wouldn’t have heard about it.

Last 38 hours of the KS... and ...

We need some supportive HELP! We've got less than 38 hours to reach the FINAL "Social Goal" of the KS campaign which would ADD additional dice for the "Wizard" and "Thief" ("D" = Dagger). It's the LAST "Social Goal" remaining and if achieved, every backer will get the reward.

Now please note, this does not oblige you to back the Kickstarter... Just a "Thumbs Up" of the game's Main Image. We need 50 "Thumbs Up" and we are at 44 ... so ONLY six (6) remaining.

Here is the LINK to the BGG image:

Please visit and give up YOUR "Thumbs Up"... Many thanks to all that take the time to do so. With so little time, we can't only rely on KS backers ... we generally need to tap into whatever streams of "BGG Users" available.


All social goals met (thanks

All social goals met (thanks to questccg for suggesting them), one funding stretch goal met, and the next/last one is in sight!

I think we're going to hit it. I predicted 340 backers the other day.. let's see if it gets there :)

At this point I'm mostly just glad the choice between printing 1000 and printing only 500 copies has been solved for me!

Relatively unknown means...

For the most part, first time creators earn from 200 to 300 backers. In your case and in Andrew Harmon's case, a well run campaign resulted in OVER 300 backers. This is a good starting pool for more designs.

And @Jason as you said, you wanted to get more involved in design additions to the game. So your first crowd can grow with time, if people like the game and are interested in more content for their growing kids.

If the game evolves and matures with the kids, you'll have a solid product to offer over the years.

Wishing you much success!

Thanks! I'm hopeful we will

Thanks! I'm hopeful we will get some traction at XMas (not sure if there will be time for full reviews by then, e.g. from Dice Tower, but maybe) and I can sell out the full print run within a year or so...

(figuring 350 copies in the KS, 20+ for reviewers or in-store events, 50+ for charities and other causes, and then sell 500 through normal channels)

And then there will be a good audience for an expansion or two. Or five :)

Now I just need a certain SOMEONE to stop posting comments that we WON'T hit the final stretch goal :p

Your next appointment is around 5:00 PM

My guess the afternoon will be relatively calm... Your next big flurry of activity would be when people finish working around 5:00 PM and take a look at the Kickstarters to see if they may want to back your campaign.

Then it goes from 7:00 to 10:00 PM, for the bulk of evening activities during which you may see some more backers...

And I'm not saying that you WON'T hit the final Stretch Goal, I'm just being factual that 12 or 13 more backers is NOT an insignificant amount. I hope you do reach it... But according to Kicktraq the projections are at $24,973... Which is pretty darn close...

We'll see how it plays out. Cheers!

Kicktraq's "projection" is

Kicktraq's "projection" is literally worthless, unfortunately. Even on the final day.

Early Kickstarter Numbers

I would just like to point out that:

We were 30% funded on day 1 (starting with an opt-in mailing list)

We were 50% funded on day 5.

If you put in the marketing effort (and budget) before and during the campaign, you do NOT need to be 50% or 70% or 100% funded on day 1 to have a successful Kickstart. Obviously those are great things, but they're not necessary.

My project got a great publicity bump with about 6 days left, which helped get us from "probably 100%-110% funded" to about 140% funded. But that only came about because of ongoing pushes to spread the word to anyone who might be interested, and we were slightly over 90% already when that happened.

Some people think that putting something on KS is like a GoFundMe and people will just show up. It was like that when it started, but it's not like that now. If you go in with no marketing plan, you'll get 5 backers and a lot of silence.

Jay103 wrote:Kicktraq's

Jay103 wrote:
Kicktraq's "projection" is literally worthless, unfortunately. Even on the final day.

Here's a good example of just how worthless their "projections" are. Basically they just draw a line between where you start (or maybe where you end day 1) and where you are now.

(as for that project, developer appears to have bailed out, while publisher tries to move forward)

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