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Hex and Square Cards

Hex Card Template

The Game Crafter is pleased to announce that we've just added two new printable components to our lineup: Hex Cards and Square Cards. While many people may end up using these more as mats than cards (they work great for map building games), they are designed to be cards. They have rounded corners, and you can build these out in decks just like you do with Poker Cards. Plus you have the same import tools, and randomization tools you do with Poker Decks. They are also sized nicely for shuffling and to hold in your hand.

Both the hex and square cards are printed full-color 12 to a sheet and are double-sided. They cost just $0.19 per card, or $2.29 per sheet. So head on over to our template library and start adding them in to your game designs. Enjoy!


material used

So they are on cardstock, correct, not chipboard?


Correct. These are cards. We have tiles coming soon.


I am glad to hear you hard Hex Cards coming soon. Do you have an estimate on when you think they will be available? Thanks!

We don't post ETAs. We'll

We don't post ETAs. We'll make an announcement here when they are released.

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