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I must destroy it to save it?

Had some good tests of my wizard dueling game Order of the Wand at Protospiel. Many small issues where pointed out that I had not noticed and we ripped into the turn tracking mechanism too. There are several issues including clarity of the rules but most are mechanical. Major changes are needed to smooth out and shorten play time.

Now I have a laundry list of suggestions to consider before I rewrite the rules and change the components. Best of all the testers liked the main mechanic, using wands to cast the spells, which is the one thing I don’t want change.


Destroy the little stuff?

If your passionate about this game, fix what is broken. Don't take the small nuances to heart. Repair what is needed and playtest again. The game will fined tuned when its ready. Save it, don't destroy the entire project.

I’m actually very happy. The

I’m actually very happy. The core mechanic held up and I’m moving ahead although slowly. It’s less like destroying it and more like stripping it down to the frame and rebuilding. I’m reworking some of the components before my next test. I hope to have it tightened up before GenCon where I plan on getting together with some designer friends to get their feedback.

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