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I supported a Kickstarter project!?

I expect that the new edition of Britannia (perhaps multiple versions) will show up on Kickstarter sooner or later, as the majority of publishers now use it.
I have not been a KS denizen in the past, not being cursed with the desire for Instant Gratification and not feeling a need to participate from the ground up.

However, I have just supported my first KS. This is a project to create d6s using 12-sided molds ("Doublesix Dice: Roll Better"). I need lots of dice at times for prototypes, and the unusual dice may help attract someone's interest. I took the bulk deal for $25, which with the many unlocked stretch goals (it's more than 13 times oversubscribed) amounts to 70 dice of three colors. Interestingly, the idea was patented long ago, but the patent has expired.

Gosh, I supported ANOTHER Kickstarter!?

Another very interesting Kickstarter: "gripmats" that keep tiles, cards, and other game objects in place on tables. Great idea.

(I ought to say that Mark Frazier of Designs In Creative Entertainment, LLC. (DICE), publisher of 18xx games, pointed me to this one.


Great to see you're happy

Great to see you're happy with your backing. I saw this one too and decided not to back. In my own opinion a regular d6 serves its purpose just fine.

And of course it does. But I

And of course it does. But I need lots of dice anyway, and the shape might help attract the attention of a potential playtester.

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