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I'm going to Pax Unplugged! (almost...)

So, I got on the list of Unpub! I didn't know I had to sign up and enter information... so at 10am I was filling out the forms and entering my game all while on the clock at the construction site! haha. 15mins later, 11 spots of 15 were already taken! Whew!

Now here's the tough part: Scraping enough money together to go! I have to buy a plane ticket, get a room, and get a badge! "Why haven't you done that already?" Well, I didn't know I was going to go AND I don't have enough money saved up. Because...

I took the plunge and spent what little I have on getting 3D models made of my game characters to be made into plastic miniatures! Then, with (literally) the last of my money, I bought 10 copies of my game from The Game Crafter. These are going to be review copies (though cutbacks were made to reduce the overall cost) If you would like to see it (and possibly buy it) here's the link: When you make a game there, you have to buy a copy, wait 10 days, and then you can publish it for others to buy.

So now, I'm literally waiting for Friday so I can have money to then buy a plane ticket and make all the arrangements. If I can't, I'll have to use the IGA to have someone there in my stead? Is that how it works? I really want this bad. I am VERY lazy... to the point where I think it could actually be a mental condition. Anyways, I'm even taking on a cash-in-hand side job on Sat and Sun JUST for the extra money. The one thing I need badly is advertising. I don't know the first thing on getting the word out. I reached out to Dave of Obscure Reference Games on help, but he hasn't returned my e-mail, soon to be e-mails. I hope he helps me out. I don't like being paid lip service.

Anyway, 7 days til my game is openly published on The Game Crafter. Tomorrow is Friday, so I can immediately spend my money on the trip. Then it's off to work on the weekend and bust my ass. Ta Ta for now. Oh, and if anyone reading this is interested in the facebook page....

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