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Improvements to our Crowd Sales system!

We’ve made a bunch of improvements to our Crowd Sale system so that game designers can enjoy even more success with their crowd funding campaigns.

- When you go to create your Crowd Sale we display a checklist of everything you’ll need to get started.
- We’ve added 500 and 1000 unit discount tiers. in addition to our normal 100 unit discount tier.
- Backers can now select Will Call as a shipping option if they plan to pick up their game at our factory.
- Creators can now set an initial discount between $0 and $5 (was hard coded to $5).
- Creators can now set their own Start and End dates without having to make special requests from TGC.
- A Crowd Sales link will appear in the main navigation on while a crowd sale is running (normally it’s just in the footer navigation).
- There are now call to action links at the bottom of the Crowd Sale listing page.
- We’ve broken out our FAQ into separate Backer FAQ and Creator FAQ, as well as an Overview FAQ. This should make it easier for people to find the info they care about most.


Thank you for the

Thank you for the information. I am currently working on a game that I eventually want to release using game crafter. Crowd sales seems like an interesting way to reduce the cost of the games.

I am just curious, can I buy missing copies to reach a goal? For example, let say the goal is 100 copies and I currently have 95 copies reserved. Could I buy the remaining 5 copies to reach the 100 copies goal.

Yes you can. Its a great idea

Yes you can. Its a great idea to buy a few extra copies at the discount anyway so you have some to take to conventions or to sell locally.

Even better!

If it helps you go from 90 copies sold to 100+ with the discount it's great because you'll land up paying less for all the 90 copies and therefore you will make more "profit" from the sale.

Same goes from like 30 to 50 (for example). The extra manufacturing costs pay for themselves and it basically means you are getting extra merchandise at cost...

There are also economies of scale too... when SHIPPING. Having one or two boxes sent over with 20+ games is relatively inexpensive in comparison with a single product purchase. Yes it is a bit more expensive... But at the same time you save on bulk shipping too.

Definitely worthwhile exploring. I had a Crowd Sale for "Tradewars" (now TradeWorlds) on TGC. It was the "Early Access" version and I learned a lot about games, business models, what it takes to market and generally putting together a game for consumer consumption. I believe our Crowd Sale sold 34 copies and in total I have "bought" 65 games from TGC prior to getting the game Published.

Believe me TGC is not the END of a game. It's just the START... And if you have some sales, you can definitely find someone who can share your interest in making the game a success.

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