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July 12 through August 11 2022 Update

Dymino Monsters July 18, 2022 UPDATE:

July 12 - 18 2022

I just finished the last list to be added to Dymino Monsters: Quiet Terror.

It consists of 9 lists and has 505 encounters in all.

Creator of Dymino Monsters;

July 28 2022
Dymino Monsters booklets will be written like a video game guide book.

July 30 2022
Dymino Monsters: Constellations update:

I took some time to finally come up with a new constellation design today. I mulled over the idea for this design and how it will fit the story.

I will soon start redrawing the new Constellation Wood Disk.


Dymino Monsters Constellations Update:

July 31, 2022 from 2:30 am to 3:15 am.

I have completed the new design and redrew the new Dymino Monsters Constellations wood disk and erased the old constellation design even on the previous constellation wood disk.

August 5,2022 Update:

It will be at least a few months or less to work on the objective list by dividing the main quest and sub quests for each character.

There are 11 Story Arcs and 65 Objectives.

August 7, 2022

Dymino Monsters Update:

An hour ago I sorted out the following.

Main Quests : 75
Side Quests : 33

During the years I have had the list written down to 65 but just as main objectives/tasks.

It was amazing how much information can still be sorted out through the main quests and side quests. It was also amazing to be relieved on seeing the bigger picture of how this story will unfold. My mind was so relaxed after writing everything down into two sections.

The imagery unfolded just by telling the out line of the story.

Achievement unlocked.


August 11, 2022
Dymino Monsters Update:

An hour ago I started working on the weapon skill technique list. A main list of techniques. There are 42 real world techniques.

To give you all a sneak peek of what I have used in the past and current list:

8 Sword techniques
Fencing techniques

Players can combine upto 9 cards in hand for offense , defense or a combination of both with other techniques.

In later character rank levels, there will be longer techniques on a single card for higher offense or defense point system where the player can do the following as with the first 12 beginning characters of the story:

Players can :

1: Use technique cards with Dymin tiles.
2: Use Dymin tiles and not use technique cards.
3: Use technique cards and not use Dymin tiles.

Dymin tiles:
The term Dymin tiles is using your domino tiles or bones for adding attack or defense point system during game play.

It's up to the player on how they choose to use their Dymin tiles.



Glad to hear you're making more progress...

How much in total would you say you have done for a "Working" Prototype??? I guess you only need a subset of the Dymino Universe to test out combat, items and generally the feel and flow of the game.

I'm currently collaborating on a 3-Person venture which dates back about 25+ years ago when I first had an idea of what I wanted to do. And then lately I've manage to get people involved in the project as I move it along. Very exciting!

Anyhow I hope all this work will culminate in some kind of LAUNCH of a subset of the game... Or maybe an improved Prototype with some completed artwork... I know you don't have the finances for artwork... I'm now in the same "boat" literally ... As most of my ventures are sucking up all my capital and I don't have monies to pursue more ventures.

It is what it is. So I do understand! Let's all hope we get rich with our designs! Hihihi... Living the Rock-Star lifestyle while Game Designing!

Cheers @Jesse.

Dymino Monsters Game play

Good morning Kris,

The very first core set and it's two expansion sets and 3 monster weapon skill technique sets from 2009 - 2012 have been played through but not enough times.

Through out those years, I have been teaching and working on the P vs. P playthrough with my family and a very minute of adult friends.

The game plays well with all the details except the objective/missions/ tasks has not been structural until the last few days working toward that goal.

I wanted to playthrough some missions to complete the next phase of the game for the solo, co-op and multiplayer campaigns.

P vs. p and the 4 player game mats need some more tweaking. Movement and rule editing.

To answer your question about the game's artwork. It doesn't really need any artwork. But does need to be cleaned up on better looking cards than ruled index cards.

Well, there is art for the food system cards, constellations and isometric view play mats.

The artwork for me right now is not on my main list other than taking the time to do the artwork for each hand drawn isometric view play mat.

Dymino Monsters in it's form can be played right now for the P vs. P playthrough or the four player battle mat.

I'm still finalizing the mid section of the game. The meat and bones, the Solo, Co-op campaign and multiplayer campaigns.


Working prototype

What is left?

Diesel punk weapon skill technique card sets for the remaining 11 characters.

I actually started on that task earlier yesterday morning.

6 diesel punk characters backstory to be written

Write each novel franchise and it's last 4 production manuscripts

Complete the campaign booklets

Edit each set of game rules for all variant game play. Add rule of d10 movement etc.

Buy 24 d10.

Complete the Lineage booklet.

Here is what I have completed 7-28-2022 to 8-7-2022

1: Redesign 1 Constellation
2: Redraw in pencil the Northern Hemisphere Wooden Disk


1: Mark each significant area for all Marional Knight through out TriiDorium World List
2: Gemstone Categories: To write a title for each one or keep as titled: Trials and Tribulations? Keep as Trials and Tribulations.
3: Work on Scavenger list for all characters.


1: Write chapter deck titles for the diesel punk characters.

2: Complete all objective lists for all playable characters.

Stay tuned for more information about the ongoing process of my game Dymino Monsters.

Bows respectfully;

August 21, 2022 Update

August 13,2022

Diesel punk weapon skill technique list complete for the last 11 diesel punk playable characters. Now to take that list and add it to each specific character. There are 80 skills with 8 real world sword techniques and fencing techniques.

August 14,2022

Maya Boglidoh backstory is complete
Nickname: Weaver
Occupation: Seamstress

August 15,2022

Micah Gouldebar backstory is complete

August 16,2022
Tyl Luna backstory is complete

Three diesel punk backstories left to complete:

1: Piotr Angiom backstory WIP : Technician, Healer, Fighter, Acrobat

2: Jera Davis backstory WIP
Technician, Healer, Acrobat

3: Fernandez Andrews backstory WIP
Sailor, Blimp Commander

I'm been thinking of putting the Falconry or Austringer back into the game and adding the Treasures From The Falcon as an add on playable character. This will make 25 playable characters for Dymino Monsters.

I have notes and details for this character since 2021.

Treasures From The Falcon has been a chapter deck since June 20, 2011

The character is a trader, trainer, hunter and seller of all types of aves in the world of TriiDorium.


Hmm... Jessy looks like you have some repetition?

stormyknight1975 wrote:
1: Piotr Angiom backstory WIP : Technician, Healer, Fighter, Acrobat.

2: Jera Davis backstory WIP: Technician, Healer, Acrobat.

Is this correct or is this a typo??? I'm just asking because with all the content you've been working on and sharing with us your progress, I thought it MAY be a copy & paste error... Not sure.

Anyways, I'm sure if this is TRUE that both are identical, you could work on another series of skills for one of those Dymino Characters, no?! I mean it's a shame that you have two (2) distinct characters with different Backstories to have the NEAR SAME skills... Know what I mean??!!

But it's your game... I'm just not sure if this was an error or by design.


Good morning Kris

Thank you for your concern sir.

It is not an error. It is by design.

Piotr (Peter) is a male character.

Jera is a female character.

Not identical.

Jera and Gemma Davis are sisters.

I changed each classification for each character from Priest and Priestess to technician/healer.

Plus, there is nothing wrong having 2 technician/healer classification characters on any variant team that the players choose from during game play.


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