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Just storing some ideas for later... and in Portuguese

Here's the perfect place to jot down a few ideas about game design, as opposed to on my Whatsapp gaming group, I suppose. So I've decided to share something with anyone else who might be interested as well:

Today I burned some neurons a bit by starting an amalgamation of a game inspired by 3 completely different games: 1)borrowing the setting and factions of Civ Beyond Earth for PC, 2) worker placement and action selection as in Champions of Midgard, and 3) in tile placement and all players manipulating the same units as in Takenoko.

The theme/ style of a 4x game has been around since forever as regards every man for themselves. I do not think I've seen a euro bg with that background, though. Also Beyond Earth's setting is just way too cool.
About action selection, Champions of Midgard is pretty standard, but I like the idea of ​​having something to do which all players should consider for the "greater good" but with benefits for themselves, first and foremost. Solving "events" seems interesting and brings the element of unpredictability to those who enjoy it.
Finally, for the exploration of a new world and especially with other players, Takenoko's mechanisms seemed to me a pretty fun way of interacting both when discovering new areas and when using some of same resources of the "settlement/ outpost". That way I think I can better justify the mechanisms of all players controlling some of the same pieces.

What did you think of these ideas? Is anyone creating something out there?
Thanks for reading it, btw.
Como aqui (bem de vez em quando) se fala de vales game, resolvi compartilhar algo com os poucos q se interessam:

Hoje queimei os neurônios um pouco fazendo o início de uma amálgama inspirada em 3 jogos: 1) setting e facções do Civ Beyond Earth, 2) na seleção de ações com trabalhadores do Champions of Midgard, e 3) no tile placement e em todos manipularem as mesmas unidades do Takenoko.

O tema 4x Ja é super batido quando se fala em cada um por si. Não creio ter visto um euro com esse pano de fundo. Além disso o setting do Beyond Earth é muito foda.
Sobre action selection, o champions of midgard é bem padrão, mas eu gosto da ideia de ter algo para fazer que todos os jogadores deveriam considerar pelo "bem de todos" mas com benefícios pra si. Resolver eventos me parece interessante e traz o elemento de imprevisibilidade pra quem gosta.
Por fim, pra exploração de um mundo novo e em conjunto, me pareceu legal a interação estilo takenoko tanto pra descoberta de novas áreas quanto no uso dos recursos do "assentamento/posto avançado". Assim, penso melhor justificar a mecânica de todos os players mexerem em algumas das mesmas peças.

Que acharam das ideias? Alguém criando algo por aí tb?


hi. a 4x board game is a

a 4x board game is a noble, but difficult goal. there are a few, fairly decent, attempts. scythe is the one i think managed it best.
one problem with 4x tabletop games is fixed data. its easy to randomise what you have ( say a stack of terrain tiles) which is great if you have a boatload of tiles, but that will soon make your game huge and expensive. a computer can make terrain from nothing. there are ways to get around this, but it normally involves dice and tables and lots of fiddly bookkeeping. you really have to trade off randomness with game size (on the table, of the box etc).
however, if you can do it well, it will certainly have a huge market. good luck.

Thanks for your comments,

Thanks for your comments, wob.
About Scythe, it's a great game. It's got building structures, "hero" units aka mechs, expanding workforce, interesting VP system, easily resolved combat... but it lacks the discovery (the events could hardly be said to fit this role here) and the cooperative atmosphere I'm looking for (something akin to Terraforming Mars is what has been on my mind). It certainly is a great inspiration and there's a lot to learn from it.
On the prototype itself, it's never been my intention to publish it for commercial purposes. The ideas and designs I have exist to satisfy my curiosity and intellect. Hehehe. My "challenge and plan" is to pit my wits and perseverance against so many mediocre games out there now. After having played so many, and always in search of something "special", I have taken up this task both as a pasttime and as an opportunity to create something for my gaming group. If something else comes out of it in the future, all the better.

How about your designs? What kind of games have you developed or dreamed of?

Once again, thanks for your input and support.

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