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Legendary Souls: About the Software

I have been reading up on AndEngine and see all the awesome games people design. Personally I have a background in Software Systems. I'm good coding with things like databases and servers. So on this Android project, I am stretching my experience - A LOT!

The Android game will require a Java Messaging server that will interact with a MySQL (or Progress/SQLite) database. This Messaging server will need to handle all of the saving of data and interaction between players during a dual. As well as handle events such as unlocking new/bonus cards and allow for statistics and deck management.

Now this is a TURN-BASED game - and so it is HIGHLY strategic. And it is also a card game, that cannot be played with cards because the game needs the computer to be the "mediator" and know the secrets of the game as a dual plays out.


CAN be played using regular cards

A STRIP-DOWN version of the game can actually be played with a standard deck of 52 cards. BUT it's not as fun because there are no special abilities or spells. Also there is no restrictions as to the composition of a player's deck: so you need to choose only 12 out of 52 cards.

The other things is that with plain cards there is no THRILL in collecting the whole deck of cards. They are all standard and look the same. There are no "Elk The Brave" ["Mountain King" Ruler of the Dwarfs] (Thunder - Chaotic Good) faction. <= SEE the difference???

The REAL game also uses a RPS-9 (which I have discussed on this board before:

What effectively is going to happen is BEFORE cards are revealed and the dual is resolved, HINTS will appear on your own cards to tell you if:

A-Both parties ATTACK

Then all the ADVANCED card stats kick in (Attack, Defense and Damage). Again those stats are not available in the "vanilla" card game version.

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