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Of Legends And Lore: New working title

So what I have decided was that I would put aside the name of "Rain of Fire" (the 4th Version) and go with "Of Legends And Lore" (this was another WIP).

I like the title more and I think it's more in the spirit of the game.

Here are some additional notes about the *game*:

1. I am exploring developing the game for the Nintendo DSi/3DS.
2. Yes it's will probably be a *video game*.

I want the game to be a multiplayer online experience... One part server (Micro Transactions, Game Assets, Interaction with a Game Server) and the other part client (DSi NDS Homebrew ROM). I want the game to be distributed for FREE and use the Micro Transaction model for the game itself... If well executed, I think this game might have *Fan/Following* potential...

The original game was going to be a "Dungeon Crawl" - but there are TOO MANY of those already! I don't want to simply add another one to the list. This version will be an *experiment* in learning how to use the Homebrew toolkit to design a game - and will require learning from examples... And hopefully *community help*!

About the game itself, it will be a CCG (Something that I like - but know that can have market penetration; especially with a FREE-TO-TRY sales model). The concept is still early and I am still exploring various aspects of the game itself (to try to put together a very strategic concept with things like a RPS-3, etc.)

But I am going to take this *very slow* and move one step at a time!


It needs to work...

The other concern is that the game needs to work as a *basic* card game. Then I will add things that computers do well such as having a *character* with stats and bonuses... And obviously the most important part is keep proper track of *scoring*!

So expect to see a lot of abilities that give +1 or -1 points and a way of tracking all those bonuses...

Spent about 2 hours debugging code

Well I have finally gotten an *example* of how to use a KEYBOARD for the Nintendo DS. I had help from a Polish fellow who showed me the ins and outs of DS Game Maker. It's still very immature but it is a cool concept.

So far all the game does is allows you to enter your "Account name"! It's a start for about 2 hours of work...

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