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Lucky 13

2009 has been brutal so far and I’m not just talking about the weather. To date I have had my wisdom teeth pulled, my wife’s computer suddenly went from working perfectly to unbootable (I’m expected to fix it, LOL), and I broke the control mechanism to my shower.

So instead of hiding under a rock i kept my nose to the grindstone and managed to get a publisher interested in a children’s game. I have the final contract daft and lo and behold it’s 13 pages long. I can only hope that 13 is my lucky number this year since another small disaster would just about put me over the edge.

It goes to show no matter how bleak things get you must keep going forward.

(Update: Jan 30th: Amigo Spiel which is not the above mentioned company is returning my prototype for Buka and Back since they have determined that it is not what they are looking for. I Still have 4 other games under evaluation by publishers so not getting this one in at Amigo isn’t going to break my spirit. The question now is who else might want it?)


I recall reading that this

I recall reading that this year (2009) is one of those rare years with THREE Friday the 13th days.


Hope it works out with the game. If you are able and willing to let me check out the rulebook to see what you've been up to, I'd love to read it! Maybe it will be something I can get for my nephews when it comes out.



Even though it is not signed yet the contract won't allow me to reveal any details until it’s published so in good faith I feel I shouldn’t be showing the rules to anyone or getting into too much detail about the mechanics.

As for getting a copy for your nephew it’s probably a year or more away from being on the market. With a suggested age range 6-9 he might feel he is too grown up by the time it’s available.

when the time is right....

Let me know and I'll check it out then. Here's hoping this is the first of many success stories of 2009 for BGDF members!

Congratulations for your

Congratulations for your success!

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