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Major Feature Changes

It's been a while since I blogged about all we've been doing at The Game Crafter. Over the past 2.5 months since we've been open we've made major changes. We've dramatically improved the quality of both prints and cutting. We've implemented a proofing system to help you to make fewer mistakes. We implemented a sell sheets feature so you can more easily promote your games at physical locations like cons and game store. We've implemented cheaper shipping options, and made it easier to browse and search games on the site. And we've implemented more community features like more forums, a wiki, a talent database, karma tracking, etc. Man it seems like we've done a lot. In the last couple of days however, we've done even more and I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about it.

For starters we've added a bunch of new parts people have been asking for, and reduced the prices of some of our existing parts:

Less Expensive Parts:
Resource Token - $0.10 cheaper
Knight Pawn - $0.30 cheaper
Package of Glass Gems - $0.10 cheaper
Sand Timer - $0.35 cheaper

New Parts:
Sand Timer - 2 new sizes
Token Chips - 7 new colors
Peg Pawn

And we have dozens of more parts coming for October.

Then we introduced printable tokens, which was a major hurdle for many people. We kicked off our massive marketing program going to game cons all over the country, and are heavily advertising on Board Game Geek, so that our users can sell more games. And finally we introduced new better pricing which allows people to create less-expensive more-complicated games, and small expansions for a low price.

Phew. I'm tired! Hope to see you at The Game Crafter, and I know I'll see you on the forums here!

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