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Make Custom Cut Card Stock Components At The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter - Now You Can Make Custom Cut Card Stock Components at The Game Crafter!

You can now make fully custom cut card stock components at The Game Crafter! This means you can design your own playing card shapes, miniatures, shards, mats, etc. Need a card with a window? No problem. Need a size we don’t have? No problem, just make your own!

We have 4 different sizes of card stock sheets that you can use to make your custom components. You’ll have to consider how big your custom items will be and how many you need. Here are the four types we offer:

Custom Mini Cardstock

Custom Small Cardstock

Custom Medium Cardstock

Custom Large Cardstock

We’re pleased to announce that Paper Armies has begun uploading his amazing paper miniatures to The Game Crafter. The photos above are from his first set, with many more to come. Get his miniatures at

Turn your idea into a real board game today at The Game Crafter. See our guided tutorial at

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