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Mashup Game Design Contest

We at The Game Crafter are pleased to announce the Mashup Game Design Contest. For this contest we want to you take elements of two or three of your favorite game titles (video games are welcome too), and turn them into your own unique board game. Maybe you'll want to pair Trivial Pursuit with Pandemic, or Settlers of Catan with Munchkin. It's really up to you. 

There are very few rules to this contest, but for your game to be considered, you must stay within them:

  1. You must merge concepts, mechanics, or rules from two or more classic game titles. The influencing games need not stick out like a sore thumb, but it should be clear what games influenced your design.
  2. You may use any of our printed components or the parts from our catalog to design your game.
  3. Your game must not cost more than $19.99 to manufacture, and the game box must be included in the manufacturing cost.
  4. Your game need not be published to the shop by the end of the contest, but it must comply with all shop publishing standards so that it is publish ready.
  5. This must be an original game created for this contest. You may not use one of your previously published works.
  6. You must submit your game to the crafter points submission form no later than November 1, 2011 at 10pm US Central Time.  
  7. We reserve the right to reject submissions that infringe upon intellectual property, that are excessively vulgar, or that look like they have been slapped together in an afternoon.

There will be many prizes awarded as part of this contest. 

  • Grand Prize: 100,000 crafter points (aka 100 days of featured status for your game), and listed in our hall of fame.* And you win the right to judge the next contest.
  • First Runner Up: 30,000 crafter points.
  • Every Valid Submission: 5,000 crafter points.
  • Plus the games are yours to sell in the shop afterwards, and any profits are yours to keep.
  • We will also be awarding 10,000 bonus crafter points for each of three categories: best artwork, most creative game, and best written rules.

*More on the hall of fame later.
Good luck!

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