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Mechanic of the Day on hold...

Hello, fellow designers. Due to the need of a massive rewrite of my personal rulebook, I am going to put the Mechanic of the Day feature on hold until I get things in order. True, BGG and BGDF are on about a 15 day buffer, but even the time to re-format the posts is too time consuming. My apologies and thanks for your understanding.



thanks for those that you did

thanks for those that you did post Krinklechip, being new to game design I found them helpful.

Mechanic of the Week

I'll second someone else's suggestions (somewhere) that "...of the day" may be too much. I don't always have time to go over BGDF frequently, and obviously writing these every day rather than weekly is a lot more work, too.

Thanks indeed for these, dont

Thanks indeed for these, dont think I was involved in the discussion myself but did enjoy reading a number of them. I'll echo the comment by Siddgames above that a less frequent, occasional appearance would most definitely still have a readership.

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