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Mechwarrior - Pocket Arcade

Since Hamish posted that he has been feeling "restless" about Pocket Sports, I too have been feeling an "itch" also. So I have been thinking about a Pocket Edition game and have come up with the idea of a "Mechwarrior" Pocket Arcade concept. Let me introduce the concept and some of my thoughts.

First, each game set will contain ten (10) cards and require players to have two (2) standard d6 dice in order to play. Each set is a Mech in itself with various options for the Mech (which allows custom configuration). This will include weapons and enhancements (like Jump Jets, Escape Matrix, etc.)

There are three (3) classes of Mechs: Light, Medium and Heavy. And respectively they have 3, 4 or 5 cards to their configuration.

Players decide what makeup they are going to play.

I am thinking that games can be played in less than thirty (30) minutes. And you could play like from 2 to 8 players. Or other combinations like 2 players with 3 Mechs each, etc.

What I like about the concept is that it's "compact" and why I call it a "Pocket Arcade" tabletop game. And we don't use miniatures because it would then fall into the category of a wargame.

I'm trying to focus on the "filler-type" game in between other games. I've been trying to make a game for this category and FINALLY feel like I have something worthwhile. Although not complete, I'm still thinking there needs to be a skill check for using weapons (even if they generate heat) - I've pretty much figured out the rest.

I'll keep you all posted on my progress on this game concept!


No skill checks

Basing myself on the amount of damage a Light Mech can take, it may well put the game into "overtime" and go beyond the 30 minute limit. Not something that I am interested in.

Skill checks would add too much complexity considering that there are already dice rolls that are used during an attack. Rolls are used to determine which part of the Mech is going to be damaged by the attack.

And depending on each Mech, those rolls CAN amount to a MISS. Which is good for the defending player since it means no damage.

So you can attack, hit specific points on the opposing Mech and sometimes even miss altogether. As such we already have a mechanic that allows players to avoid an attack (based on dice rolls).

Time to

Don't you know the old urban myth? Say my name 3 times while looking in the mirror and I appear? ;) But please don't do that,it's kinda creepy!

Mech battles...haven't really been a topic I've thought too much about, but I do know we can tailor the PS system to make this work...if you're keen.

If you've seen the GP Racing design vid, then a similar approach can be taken. Different cards (mechs) for players to choose, each with varying special attacks/defenses. A couple of categories for damage/heat tracks. Artwork and flavour text etc.

Using the control dice system and secondary 'tactics' dice the game will provide luck and strategy (without slowing the quick 'aracde' tag) for a 2 or more player tabletop show down.

Value rated attacks the defender has a chance to avoid if they can roll a high enough defense. Instant miss. Heat & Hydraulic levels from the system checks performed during the battle etc.

A small pocket sized game. Tuck box, dice & cards designed to send as a large letter postage rate.

I'm pretty confident this can work

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