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Micro Game Challenge Entries: Let The Voting Begin!

The Micro Game Challenge - Presented by Father Geek, All Us Geeks Podcast, and The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter has received 129 entries in the micro game challenge and that is a new record! It is now up to you, the community, to narrow down that giant pile of games to a more manageable list of only 20 semi-finalists for our judges Cyrus (Father Geek) and Jeff (All Us Geeks Podcast) to paw through. You have until the wee hours of next Monday morning (noon UTC) to get your votes in. Go vote today!

You may vote for as many games as you like, but only once per game. The votes cost 10 crafter points each. This spending of crafter points helps ensure we don’t get a lot of undue out of community influence on the results.

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