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Miniatures Design Challenge Entries

Here are your contests entries for the Miniatures Design Contest at The Game Crafter:
(click here to see the official announcement which includes links to all of these games)

General Capture
Jayke Jack’s Rearview Mirror!!
Dire Spirit (contest entry)
Cosmos: Three Trains in Space
Dungeon Scoot
Don’t Get Dead!
Town Guard Basic Edition
Hatfield vs McCoy - Gold Rush
Troll Roll
Queen’s Number
The Zone
Turbulence (2 player)
Sherman’s March
RTS Board Game
Orcs vs. Army Men
Dungeon Crawl: The Card Game
King Arthur’s Gambit
Village Defenders
Jetan (Martian Chess)
Four Tribes

We’re doing something a little differently from now on. In our last contest we had 50 entries. That’s way too many for one judge to read and narrow down. So from this point forward if we have more than 20 entries, we’re going to do a vote to narrow the list to the top 20 entries. That means you, our community, will be the first round judge to determine the list of semi-finalists. This time we have 24 entries, so it will be up to you to narrow the list to the top 20. From there, the judge will continue to find us a list of finalists, and ultimately the winner.

It costs 10 crafter points for you to vote on a game. Community curators’ votes cost 20, but count 20 as well. Whichever games have the most crafter points contributed at the end of a week of voting will be our finalists.

Go vote now!

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