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Monster Keep: Vile Heroes

So in this blog entry, if figured I would explain a little bit of what the "Heroes Deck" will be comprised of.

As I mentioned in the "Coming next" blog entry, the "Heroes Deck" will remain confidential due to its link with Stretch Rewards. But there is some information that I CAN disclose.

The "Heroes Deck" will be comprised of forty (40) cards. Each card in the deck will be repeated four (4) times. So in reality there are ten (10) UNIQUE cards to the deck.

Another Stretch Reward will be ADDITIONAL cards such that the deck be comprised of eleven (11) or twelve (12) unique cards. This would make the deck size 44 or 48 cards (respectively). Still enough room for the game booklet to fit! :)

For now, that is all the information I can share regarding the "Heroes Deck"!

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