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More Photoshop

Heroes & Treasure, Player card for cleric

Well, I've been getting better at doing layout stuff in Photoshop (still GIMP, not actually Photoshop).

I did a mockup card (which I won't post here) in nanDECK. My artist made a nice frame for it (she also chose that font), and I spent a couple of hours making the attached image, plus three more on the same template. Think it was probably 2.5 hours total.

Kinda fun :)

The blank spot is there for a future opposite-gender version of the player character. And the rulebook gives a longer description of the spells.. this is more of a "quick reference guide" that the player would have in front of them.

Not sure if this will become "final art" or not, but it's good enough for my review prototypes, which I'm trying to make as real as possible. Also these will be new playtesting prototypes as well (I have a print run big enough to make 10 copies of everything except maybe those little plastic card stands)

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