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My first adventure board game, is this a new idea?

Hello again,
So my game has 5 heroes to choose, Archer, Mage, Fighter, Healer, and Tank. I'm going for a MMO feel to the fights. Each hero has 4 abilities that affect their threat level. Anyone goes over the Tanks threat will be the target of attacks. I also believe with 4-5 players, they will be able to run 2 parties and attempt a RAID Dungeon.
I'll start detailing more of how my game works and functions tomorrow. I used to play W o W, and my boardgame collection has hit the point of needing to sell some to make room for more. My question is has anyone already tried this idea?



It doesn't sound like anything new, fresh, or innovative based on the brief description you have listed here.

However, I personally think that this is nothing to be discouraged about. After all, you don't need a fresh, new idea to make a game. And the good news is that there's likely no limit to the things you can try during the design process. A new idea you come up with during your design and playtesting may just be the shot in the arm that turns your good game into an innovative, surprising, fun one.

So if you're interested in making ideas then keep digging, and if you're interested in making games then finish the project. :)

Don't worry, I'm deffinitly

Don't worry, I'm deffinitly seeing this one through to the end. When I told my sister I was creating a new game, her first reply was, "It's about time."

180 degrees

Lately I am turning things 180 degrees in order to see if it works, work better or is more fun.
Maybe you can look at one of your favorite games. And turn something 180 degrees to see what happens.

An example could be, the players are the monsters, not the heroes that enter the dungeon.
Or, do not defeat the monsters. Try to defeat them without killing them. If you kill them by accident, that would be a bad thing for the player.

Good luck and inspiration!

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