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New Board Game Design Contest at The Game Crafter - Mint Tin Challenge

The Game Crafter - Board Game Design Contest - Mint Tin Challenge

Got a few unruly kids at the restaurant while you wait for your order to arrive? Need a gaming experience that’s shorter, portable and way more durable than the others you are used to? Don’t know what to do with the downtime between heavy games at game night? Mint tin games are your answer!

Mint tin games learn quick, play fast, are portable and use highly durable, metal containers that easily fit in a pocket. Mint tin games are a unique take on the micro game theme and are perfect for gamers of all types!

We invite you to enter our mint tin challenge at


And here ...

We were just "discussing" TGC Contests YESTERDAY! (LOL) And "voila", a NEW one has just started! Too bad my own "Micro" Game is too BIG (imagine that) to fit (square cards; not business cards)...

We were trying to explain to someone who is NOT a gamer and NOT a designer, that contests such as these can stimulate a growth of "cool" games from the TGC Community of "Designers"!

With any luck, the person in question will have a better picture now that they can LOOK and SEE an "actual contest" that you guys are promoting.


Yep, we've seen so many great

Yep, we've seen so many great games come from TGC Game Design Contests.... So fun to look back and see the games that won and what they've gone on to become.

Recently, Dungeon Drop was on Kickstarter and had a huge $250k campaign. That game was a simple idea by the designer (Scott R Smith) and it was only created because the rules of the contest only allowed for game pieces. No printed components.

Eventually, another publisher in The Game Crafter community, Phase Shift Games, signed it and ran the Kickstarter. We just love seeing all of these success stories and consider all of these indie games to be like... our kids! Then they grow up and head out into the world! :)

So we are sold on our quarterly game contests and we'll keep doing them for as long as people are participating in them. ;)


OK, I decide to enter the contest an I have an idea for a game; I was thinking about call it "I Dare You" or "Bang - you're dead", that later seems too graphic. My game has only dies and cards, but I have issues about the laws of average pertaining to how many negative cards and positive cards; as well as, how to arrange the die with only two character; a negative and a positive. I have so many questions, so many. . .

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