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New Board Game Pieces - Resource Tokens

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Resource Tokens

We have added some new resource tokens to our Board Game Pieces Shop! These are made of wood and are a great fit for resource management games where you need various types of food, livestock, and natural resources. In this release we have a Bull (Orange), Pig (Pink), Bread (Light Brown), Bread (Dark Brown), and a Fish (Yellow)

We also have a collection of premium resources that add a nice finishing touch to your game. They can also be used as a game upgrade for many popular mass market titles that you already own.

See them all at

Gen Con 2018 Note - We will have our Board Game Candy Shop in booth #2555 again this year. We have DOUBLED the amount of parts we're selling and now we'll have 300 different board game pieces and parts you can buy with our bulk discount of only $.25/gram. Grab a scooper and fill your bag(s)! Hope to see you at Gen Con!


I won't be at GenCon, but the

I won't be at GenCon, but the Candy Shop thing is hilarious (though pricey, unless the average piece weighs like a half-gram). A great idea.

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