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New Character Meeples at The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - Character Meeples - Custom Printed Meeples

New Character Meeples! Yesterday we announced that you can now make Custom Printed Meeples at The Game Crafter! As with all of our products, we produce them on demand in any quantity and we ship them anywhere in the world!

Since we have the technology to print custom Meeples now, we thought it would be awesome to sell a bunch of different Character Meeples in our Board Game Pieces Shop! So we reached out to Alisha Volkman, who is a longtime member of The Game Crafter community and a talented artist. She has created over 30 different characters so far and you can see the first 3 groups of these Character Meeples at

Click here to browse our full collection of Character Meeples.

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