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New Game Box at The Game Crafter - Large Stout Box (11" x 11" x 3")

The Game Crafter - Large Stout Box - 11" x 11" x 3" Custom Printed Board Game Box!

We have one final product to introduce in 2018 and it's a big one. This is the Large Stout Box! It measures 11x11x3 inches, and can be printed in a bunch of configurations ranging from $8-$24.

Watch our new video for the Large Stout Box at

Learn more about the different versions of this box through the links below:

Large Stout Box (Full Box Printed):

Large Stout Box (Top & Sides Printed):

Large Stout Box (Only Top Printed):

Large Stout Box (Blank White Box - No printing):


Wow guys that is amazing!

What's even MORE "shocking" is that the SIZE of this box is EXACTLY the same as the production box of "TradeWorlds"! We tried to trim down the size for a few reasons:

1. Lower the cost to produce the box.

2. Lower the cost to ship the box.

3. Lower the size to fit on most store shelves.

But I've got to admit that $20 USD for a "box" is rather "pricey"! To me that is the only down-side because this is like a "commercial" box for any games that are out-there in the market. The quality and the manufacturing done by "The Game Crafter" (TGC) is "unquestionable". Their "offer" in terms of services is "un-matched"... I don't like saying this but... TGC offers great prices for prototypes. Yeah, it's one-off production and in most cases it makes the game look more appealing too.

However without a large volume of sales, like a KS or highly successful Crowd Sale, the price is the only prohibitive matter. Even if you only make like $5.00 USD per sale (factor the 70/30 split — so maybe less), you might require a high price point for "ad-hoc" sales.

At the same time, I would say this: it requires $0.00 of investment. So if you really want to get your game out to the public, one-off production could be at a "break-even" sales point. That's if you want your game to be made via the one-off portion of TGC's online services.

Still very amazing this "commercial" quality box! Good stuff...

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