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New Game Design Contest Announced: The Survival Challenge!

The Game Crafter - The Survival Challenge, presented by Grey Gnome Games

The Game Crafter and Grey Gnome Games are pleased to announce our next community game design contest! The Survival Challenge.

Here's a summary:

"You must design a game where the players are in a dire situation and must SURVIVE! Maybe they are in a post-apocalyptic setting having to find the bare necessities in order to stay alive another day. Perhaps, they are trapped in an underwater sea lab with radioactive sharks on the prowl. Or maybe the players are trapped on a distant moon with only a few days of oxygen left. Hey! I like these ideas! What about a party of adventurers in a dungeon that forgot to pack a lunch?

The idea is that the players are up against the game itself and must survive. Now the players could be working together, or it could be every person for themselves. In either case, the game must be the source of most of the challenges."

Get all of the details here

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