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New game designer success story!

This is a great success story about an indie game designer named Alex Cobian. He took his game, Booty, to Gen Con in 2013 and it was picked up and eventually published by Mayfair games. We were happy to hear that he uses The Game Crafter to produce all of his prototypes. :)

We’re going to try and setup a designer interview with Alex so we can learn more about him and his journey. We’d like to offer a big congratulations to Alex on getting his game published and for being featured in this article. Great job!

Full article at:


Great News!!!

Thank you for sharing this story, as we hear from hundreds of would-be designers, but rarely do we hear about a success story of one of our gamer-cum-designer colleagues closing the deal!

That's awesome, good for him!

That's awesome, good for him!

Alex Cobian congratulations

No better inspiration than reading about someone who followed through. Nice work. I downloaded the rules at ! from board game geek. I'll read them soon.

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