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New Game Pieces Available: I-Beam, Pumpkin, 13mm Transparent Orange D6

The Game Crafter - Board Game Pieces - I-Beam, Pumpkin, 13mm Transparent Orange D6

Today we added a several new items to our Board Game Pieces Shop! We have a new silver colored I-Beam that you may recognize from The Manhattan Project by Minion Games. We also added a wooden Pumpkin which may be useful for those of you who are working on a new game for our Holiday Design Contest. Last but not least, we added a 13mm Transparent Orange D6 and we’re loving the color of these dice! (17mm Meeple included for scale) All of these pieces are available at

Fun fact: The Game Crafter now sells 1,984 different board game pieces, game upgrades, and game accessories! We’ll have do something fun to celebrate when we hit 2,000! :) A scavenger hunt with clues could be fun…. Stay tuned!

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