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New Help System

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The Game Crafter has created a brand new help system to give you the skinny on how to do everything on the TGC website. We’ve migrated all of our old content, and added a bunch of new content. In addition, this thing is chocked full of features we didn’t previously have. Let’s talk about a few of them.

1) Search. The new help system has it’s own search engine, which is not only fast, but highly accurate. It should make locating what you’re looking for much faster.

2) Dynamic sections. All of the help is subdivided into sections which help organize the content into a logical manner. However, it’s more than just organization, it also keeps track of how popular each of the help pages is, and displays the top five articles from each section. This should mean that the content people are likely to be looking for is presented straight away most of the time.

3) Curator controlled. The pages in the help system are all editable by our community curators (curators are people with orange names in chat). This means if there is an error, or something needs to be added, the curators can fix it straight away.

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