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New Sanity Tester - Ken Franklin

The Game Crafter - Sanity Tester - Ken Franklin

Please welcome our newest Sanity Tester, Ken Franklin.

Ken has been designing and collecting games for 55 years, and published his first Apple 2 game in 1980. During his 40 years in military, academic and family medicine, he published 5 more titles for desktops and iPhones. He recently retired from medicine to focus on game design. His first tabletop title, “The Mansky Caper,” will be released by Calliope Games this summer.

What is a Sanity Test?
Sanity Tests are a special service of The Game Crafter that gives you professional feedback on your rules and shop page. In a nutshell, one of our professional editors will review your rules and shop page for grammar, clarity, completeness, and appeal. We know how hard it is to get good feedback on your rules, and the sanity test is designed to do just that. The service costs only $30, and if you score 70 or higher out of 100 points, your game will earn a Sanity Tested Accolade.

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Ken, if you're here, what did

Ken, if you're here, what did you write for the Apple ][?

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