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New Slider Clips Available at The Game Crafter!

The Game Crafter - New Plastic Slider Clips Are Now Available!

We're pleased to announce that The Game Crafter now carries awesome new slider clips (in 8-colors) that are specifically designed to attach to cards and card stock to mark scores, hit points, etc.

You can add the plastic sliders to your game in any quantity at Or you can purchase just the clips by visiting our online parts shop.


WOW those clips look AMAZING!

You can use clips rather than having acrylic or wooden cubes. Much better since they won't move if you accidentally touch the card the clip is on.

Moreover with all those colors, you can have several clips per card.

I'm definitely going to think about HOW I can incorporate those clips into future designs!!!

WHAT's even COOLER is that these CLIPS can be used to mark if a card is TAPPED or EXHAUSTED! You don't need to turn the card to it's side, all you do is put a RED clip on the top or bottom of the cards and ... voila!


I've already sent cards off to print :(

What a shame as I would love to use these rather than oodles of cubes.

Exactly right.

questccg, you nailed this right on the head! While at first glance they may seem like a basic component, they really do offer some amazing flexibility in design and can simplify the process of tracking info or presenting info to the player. We're really excited to have these in our inventory now! :)

Card Edges

I really like the idea of using clips, for the reasons Questccg listed.

I bought a bunch of the previous clips offered by TGC, but stopped using them because they tended to bend/degrade the edge of the cards because they clipped on too tight.

Are these ones a different design that doesn't have the same problem? (Judging from the photo it looks like card damage would be less of a problem, but it's hard to be sure.)


The other clips we had were

The other clips we had were basically paper clips. These are designed to slide along the edge of the card. Of course over time there will still be some wear, but not anywhere near the other ones. The pinch point on these is not at the edge of the card, but in near the tip of the pointer.

UV Coating

The Game Crafter wrote:
...Of course over time there will still be some wear, but not anywhere near the other ones.

Another reason to use UV coating on your cards! Even more resistant!!! A little more costly but the protection you will get will be "superior".

yep UV coating = more durability

That's pretty much all there is to it. :) It also puts a nice finish on the cards and shuffling is easy.

I was actually just thinking

I was actually just thinking about using something like this in a prototype I want to print...

Needs more colours though! In particular I want one that's pink and one that's turquoise

8 colors

8 colors of components is what we typically try to carry so that people can create games with up to 8 players. If we carried more colors of everything in inventory then we'd likely have to carry less parts. So it's basically a happy medium that satisfies the needs of most designers. :)

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