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The Newest AV Card. version 4b

Duel Card.png

Here's card version 4b.

Added some cosmetic frills such as connecting the grids.
Changed font for nameplate.
All icons are leaning the same direction now.
I've gone with the 2 Cogmometers to the right and also gave them a glassy look. (HP)
I've put medals on the portrait of the character. (Denotes rank)
Medals are also above the weapons grid where I originally wanted them.
I had a lot of space in the middle so I added a small line break to put abilities (by name only) a character might have.

I'm not sure what to do with the bar in the middle. Leave it for abilities or drop it to the bottom for flavor text? That's the main difference between the two cards.
Bar in middle? Bar on bottom?
Medals on character? Medals off to the side?
I don't know if I need anything else. I've tried to copy BubbleChuck's stylize backgrounds used to separate the top of the card from the bottom but it just doesn't look right when I did it. Same goes for the backgrounds for the nameplate on the top and middle. It looked strange.


Medals in the middle?

My humble opionion: the bar looks better in the middle, because it gives the card a more "clean and orderer" look. Why don't you put the medals in the middle, together with flavor text and/or more icons you will certainly need to put in during the development of the game?
If the medals denote a rank and there is - say - a maximum of 5 medals, you can always put 5 "medal slots" in the middle, and use just a blank silhouette where there is no medal.

Also, since this is a victorian/steampunk game (correct me if I am wrong) is the American "dollar sign" the right choice to mean "money", or should you use a generic coin or banknote?

In any case, nice work with the design, both to you and to BubbleChucks!

We'll see.

Thanks for your input!

I'll certainly take that into consideration. I'm not sure how I'd layout the bar since I've only just decided to put it in this latest version of the card. I'm sure the medals could go in there as well seeing as the card is definitely starting to look "busy" again.

The max is 3 medals. I need names for these 3 levels of rank. I was thinking Grunt, Captain, and Leader or Flunky, Commander, and Boss. (I don't want to use Lieutenant or Right-Hand Man as they are VERY long words and I have limited space. I don't even want to use Commander.

I used the Dollar sign for ease of use. My icons are simple but stylized. I want to take the time to get a proper icon (which will be a coin) that doesn't look like a dinnerplate. I will not be using the euro or british pound. Thanks again!

Darn. No responses give me

Darn. No responses give me nothing to work on tonight. Oh well.

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