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A Nice Review

Nitro Dice finally got a positive review. Ok there was other but they were more middle of the road.

and it’s extensive coving rules (he made a few small errors), game play, components, and art. Art is the only problem he had with it and its understandable, he has young children and the art is kind of PG.



Yeah, I saw this yesterday when he posted it. Congrats on receiving the nice review.

Did you see the review he did of Mow Money earlier this month?


Good review of Mow

After that real nasty review i was pretty unhappy but this one more than makes up for it.

Good review of Mow Money.

Sounds like you have tweeked it a little since i played.

a few tweeks

Yes, a couple of good tweeks. Replaced the money cards with money tokens, changed the flow of play by introducing a first player token and splitting up the rounds into phases that are played in player order, and changed all the enhancement cards to have both an in-game effect and an end-of-game bonus.

Just found out yesterday from a friend who took a prototype of the game to bgg.con for me that he got to show it to a publisher, who wanted to keep the prototype! The publisher is going to show it to his playtest group for an extended look. I'm cautiously optimistic, yet also extremely grateful to have THIS particular publisher take a deeper look. I'll keep you posted.

Just getting it looked at is

Just getting it looked at is a trick. The first game I licensed to a big publisher happened to be the first game I ever submitted but not to the first publisher I ever submitted it to, nor the second, or third or fourth...

Good Luck

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