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Nitro Dice Is Looking Nice

Dr Alias

Minion games is moving fast in getting Nitro Dice ready for publication next summer. Most everything is done at this point except for some of the art and layout. Here is one of the 6 racers.

This game has been around the world and back literally. Spanish, Italian, German, and Indian publishers all passed on it which is just fine now that it’s being done in the good old US of A.

Like all the publishers before Minion had me do some rework to fit their vision of the game. This lead to some good additions making the game more forgiving and flexible. We added Nitrous Oxide to keep with the street racing theme and a garage to help repair damage which is important. In this game damage matters and like real racing you don’t always have control over whether you’ll crash or not.


Want to post some more info

Want to post some more info on the game?

the basics

Nitro Dice despite the name is a card driven (no pun intended) racing game for 1-6 players. Then why not Nitro Cards? Well in Nitro Dice you use a D10 as your car on a track of cards. Speed is tracked on the die itself so that every player can not only view the position of each car but its speed. Players use a combination of action/speed points to move the vehicles and cards to perform maneuvers by matching them to the track sections they travel over and to avoid collisions with other racers and obstacles placed by their opponents.

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