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Nov 27, 2021 Dymino Monsters Update

From 2am to 8:27 am

I wrote down the last 11 small backstories to the Toy Master Works. The twelfth backstory was written a year ago.

In this post, I'm just showcasing the classification and Gemstones (birthstones).

1: Carneleos
Fourth in Command
Gemstone: Carnelian
Classification: Biomedical Engineer
Gender: Female
Race: Human

2: Perileos
Third in Command
Gemstone: Peridot
Classification: Mycologist
Gender: Male
Race: Human

3: Emeraleos
Fifth in Command
Gemstone: Emerald
Classification: Orinthologist
Gender: Female
Race: Human

4: Carbuleos
First In Command
Gemstone: Carbuncle
Classification: Hermatologist
Gender: Male
Race: Human

5: Lazuleos
Eleventh in Command
Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Classification: Audiologist
Gender: Female
Race: Human

6: Crystoleos
Eighth in Command
Gemstone: Rock Crystal
Classification: Mineralogist
Gender: Male
Race: Human

7: Jacileos
Tenth in Command
Gemstone: Jacinth
Classification: Botanist
Gender: Female
Race: Human

8: Agateleos
Seventh in Command
Gemstone: Agate
Classification: Mammalogist
Gender: Female
Race: Human

9: Ametheleos
Twelfth in Command
Gemstone: Amethyst
Classification: Entomologist
Gender: Male
Race: Human

10: Beryleos
Ninth in Command
Gemstone: Beryl
Classification: Archeologist
Gender: Male
Race: Human

11: Onyxileos
Sixth in Command
Gemstone: Onyx
Classification: Virologist
Gender: Female
Race: Human

12: Jaspeleos
Second in Command
Gemstone: Jasper
Classification: Geophysicist
Gender: Male
Race: Human


December 2 2021 update

Dymino Monsters: Multiple Endings

There will be 53 Different endings.

That is all.


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