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November Playtesting /Metatopia

Date:November 5-8
Location: 3 Speakwell Ave, Morristown NJ 07960
Event Metatopia

Going to be there as well...

Hope to see y'all there too. If going drop me a message and we can have a drink.


Well now I have to look into

Well now I have to look into this too! Just call me your groupie.

Lol did the info post to help

Lol did the info post to help us here too...

looking forward to Metatopia

I am looking forward to this one. I attended Dexcon 2 years ago. I heard lots of good things about Metatopia.

MarkD, this will be my 1st

MarkD, this will be my 1st time there. From what I've been told its the place for play testing in nj at this time. Any insight you have re their events would be appreciated.

I think DexCon was well run

Couple things:

Maybe there is some synergy for you and me. I am from Delaware. Not too bad of a haul for playtesting. Are you looking for playtesters for what you have? I am.

That said, if it makes sense, maybe we can hit Metatopia together or at least connect while there.


that would be great

Would love to meet up to play test each others games. Let me know when you're coming up.

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