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Origins 2011, after the show

All things considered I think it went well despite not being able to get many people to play Nitro Dice. We could only demo it at night and only had one production copy, the only copy in the US, which I now have in my possession. Those that did demo it were enthusiastic and pretty much everyone said they wanted to get a copy. My favorite comment was “It reminds me of Speed Circuit, except its fun.” That made me chuckle even though I think speed circuit is fine in its own right and the only thing I see in common between them is the racing theme.

It’s on the boat now and I have been told it will take 26 days to make the crossing from Germany and then up to a week to clear customs. That means it won’t be in stores until August. Until then I’ll be making the rounds to the local game stores, clubs etc… to try and build some buzz.


Nitro Dice at Origins

I was trying to get a chance to play it but I spent 11 hours a day running Dragon Valley. I should have planned a late night game. Darn missed opportunity.

I wish I would have known. I

I wish I would have known. I did one last demo Sunday night in the common are at the Hampton Inn across from the convention center. It plays 2 to 6, so there was room for one more.

It was a wonderfully brutal game with one player getting damaged down to 3 point (3 out of 9), limping into the garage for repairs and almost making up the lost rounds as he sped around the track at full speed to catch up. I came in 4th out of 5.

Sunday Origins

I had to leave early Sunday because I had to work on Monday and I had a 16 hour drive.

That game session sounds intense!

3dragonfly wrote:I had to

3dragonfly wrote:
I had to leave early Sunday because I had to work on Monday and I had a 16 hour drive.


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