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PAX Unplugged: after the con.

If you've ever been to a metropolitan City then Philadelphia is no different. The food is either fashion flap or an expensive restaurant, the traffic is terrible, and parking is super expensive.

I give up my Friday slot as per the order of the unplugged Network because of the high demand 4 entry into the unpub games area. Then to the Pappy more table space so that wasn't a problem after all. But even the designers who didn't get into unpub or able to play in the free play area which was right inside the exhibitor hall. I would actually argue that's way better than the unpub area due to the sheer foot traffic. Secondly, there was a restriction on the size of your advertising Banner, which was 18 in. In the free play area the exhibitor hall, there was no such restriction.

While in the unpub area on Saturday, it only took me 5 minutes before I started my first demo. After that, I demoed my game for 13 hours straight. I started at 10 a.m. only to take a ten-minute break to eat at 5 p.m. and I hadn't even eaten breakfast. There was a small Lowell at 10 p.m. but I managed to get one more play testing before the end up every closed at midnight. This is the most amount of Des Moines I've ever done at a con. I would normally only play test Maybe 5 games in one day if I'm lucky. My demos were back to back. Once one ended I didn't even have time to reset the game before another group wanted to play. If you want to play tester demo your game, I would highly recommend this Con for it. I'm glad I got in on the 1st year.

I also got to attend the " how to lose 40 K on a Kickstarter" panel which was really informative. He said it the one thing that you should take away from the panel, if anything, is don't sell shirts. LOL.

In the future, I want to figure out how to use the IGA minion system in order to have others demo my game for me. I would have really liked to have had somebody in the free play area. If I had more time, or for thought, I would have gotten a booth. Many people were demoing games which were going to be Kickstarter games in the future. I've been told not to do that because you don't have anything to sell, and it's a big waste of time in that sense. I would disagree after having gone. You can still get people on the mailing list and use other social media aspects, like, I don't know, a coupon or a sticker or a button of your game if you tag them on social media.

All this is really prepared me for future cons and my future Kickstarter. I feel much less in the dark and much more in the know as to what to do and what not to do. Speaking of which, get ready for the dungeon brawl Kickstarter, coming late January early February!

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