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PAX Unplugged and setbacks.

Hooray for me! I'm going to PAX Unplugged this month. I thought I was going to miss it due to not getting a booth but Unpub Network allowed a second chance. It kind of sucks as I've been told they're cramming 22 people into a VERY tight space. Mainly because I'm banking $800 on this venture before the con even starts. I AM working a prevailing wage job building the mexican/American border crossing building so that is helping my wallet.

I was told by the creator of villains of infamy (who had a successful kickstarter) to NOT launch during the con, nor to launch during November or December due to Xmas. I don't understand why not during a con,and the myth of low Xmas backing is unfounded after 1 Google search.

I will hold off on the kickstarter though due to no time to work on it because of the US border work and lack of reviewers responding to my emails and reviewers whom can't get it done in time. I only have weekends to work on the kickstarter page. Take it slow, right?


Unsolicited booth advice.

If the space is tight, make that work to reinforce memories of and interest in your game: see if you can find a way to put a 2x3 grid of tiles (or even cardboard squares), of any scale on the floor in front of it. Work it into your pitch--especially if you're talking to someone who might be more interested in the atmosphere of the game than the coolness of accessible deck creation.

Not following

Ohhhh. You're saying to put tiles on the floor to simulate the dungeon! I was thinking why I would put my game on the floor (since it also has a 2x3 tile grid).

I'm sure the layout will be rectangular tables with the space of "If you get out of your chair, you're going to hit the chair of the person behind you." type of space. Thank you for the advice. I'll try and work something in, as I have to pack for the airplane trip and have limited space to store stuff.

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