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Playing Card Face Contest

The Game Crafter is looking for an interesting and diverse set of playing card faces for an upcoming TGC community enhancement project.

The rules are simple:

  • Create a deck of 54 playing card faces (ace through king) of hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds, plus two jokers.
  • Create a game on our site with that deck of cards.
  • Submit the shop URL of that game to the crafter points submission form.
  • You may submit as many unique decks as you want.
  • The images you submit must be owned by you.
  • The images you submit may have been used in previously published works.
  • Your entry must be submitted before midnight US Central time on September 30, 2011.
  • By submitting these face designs to this contest, you are granting The Game Crafter, LLC a world-wide royalty-free unlimited license to use these images for any purpose we choose. You still retain the copyrights on the images and can use them for your own purposes as well.


  • If we choose to use your faces in our project you'll win 54,000 crafter points. That's 1,000 points per card, or 54 days of featured status for one of your games.
  • There are as many winners as good submissions! If we decide to use 3 submissions, then there are 3 winners that collect 54,000 points. If we decide to use 100 submissions, then there are 100 winners that collect 54,000 points.
  • Regardless of whether we choose your faces, everyone that submits and entry will get 1,000 crafter points.

Good luck!

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