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PnP then Boxed

Minion Games is publishing my racing game Nitro dice, which is expected out late first quarter. In the mean time they have released it as a print and play for those that can’t wait, only have a few dollars, or love to construct large decks of cards themselves.

I have been looking forward to this game coming out for years. Not that Minion has been dragging their feet, they haven't. In fact it’s less than a year since I dropped off the prototype with them. I am speaking of the numerous publisher that had planned on releasing it and then backed out over the last 5 years.



Well, since I don't know many race games ( I love Rush'n'Crush ), I can't wait to see yours published ( in a box ) and give it a try !

BGG entry added

The BGG listing has been added now.

As soon as I have the box edition I plan on demoing this one at every venue I can get to. It is after all one of my favorite designs.


I have added a few pictures to the BGG listing. These are from the print and play but the art will be exactly the same just constructed better.

Right now i have the vehicle damage cards with the backs showing the characters and a couple track configurations. I still need to put up shots of the damage tokens, hazards, and nitrous oxide tokens.

Nitro dice looks like a lot

Nitro dice looks like a lot of fun. The use of the dice as your car- genius! Let us know when its released.


Since I got serious about designing games as a career I went through a couple of experimental phases.

Nitro Dice, original named Die Racing is part of my ‘How else Can a Die Be Used’ experiments and defiantly the best of that bunch, which also includes the abstract games Op-Position, Coffee & Tea, and the minimalist Arrow Cubes.

I’ll defiantly be including a jumping for joy post when I finally get it in my hands.


It looks like alot of fun :-)

Last minute adjustments

Turns out the printer Minion is using has a different card count per sheet that we had originally assumed, 110 instead of 112. I had to make a quick decision on which 2 to eliminate. It’s not so much an issue like it might have been with a tight design that needs perfect balance since there are only 3 basic card types; left corner, right corner, and straight. Each with cards that have hazards and those that don’t. I took out one left hand hazard and one right hand hazard. The reason I choose those is that corners are rarer than straights in the deck to simulate the difficulty of cornering and I choose to take out hazards instead of clear track because you need clear sections to set up your tracks.

I wonder what the next surprise will be.


I found an online retailer that has Nitro dice listed as a pre-order. The game hasn’t had much press yet but it’s cool to think that some might have already ordered it


Can you give us the URL to the online retailer? I would like to buy a copy of your game :-)
I was hoping to see it and pick it up @ KublaCon; along with a couple of other games I've heard about here.

It coming out in June so you

It coming out in June so you won't be able to get it a KublaCon. The Retailer is

Thanks for the support.

Seems interesting. I'll give

Seems interesting. I'll give it some thoughts, I do not have much racing games in my collection.


I pre-ordered this game @ my local gaming shop today (Game Kastle). Can't wait to play it!

Word From Minion Games

I'm happy to see the excitement about this game. We hope it sells well enough for a reprint. Plans are still for a Origins release. If you want David and Minion Games to get the most $ for your purchase, please use or to order the game when its released. Or please do ask your local game stores as that helps a lot.

We'll be at Ann Arbor and I'll bring along a high quality prototype if anyone wants to give it a try there.

Thanks for the support.


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